Camera Adapter Microscopes

Magnification > 0.5x

  • Ted Pella Microscope 0.5x C-mount Camera Adapter For 1/2 Sensors P. N. 22430-407
  • Olympus Microscope C Mount Camera Adaptor U-tv0.5xc-3, In Excellent Condition
  • Leica 0.5x C-mount Camera Coupler For Mz Series Stereo Microscopes 10445929 105%
  • 0.5x Reduction Lens C-mount Camera Adapter Relay Lens For Olympus Microscope
  • Leica Microscope Video Adapter With C-mount Adapter And Watec Digital Camera
  • Leica Microscope C- Mount Camera Adapter
  • Olympus Oem 0.5x Adjustable C-mount, Bx, Cx & Mx Series Microscopes U-tv0.5xc-3
  • 0.5x Reduction Lens C-mount Thread Camera Adapter Relay Lens Olympus Microscope
  • 0.5x Reduction C-mount Adapter Relay Lens For Olympus Microscope Ccd Usb Camera